How to Choose a Professional Home Inspector

Here are some important considerations when selecting a home inspector:

  1. Choose an inspector who is a member of a professional association.
  2. Look for a home inspector who is experienced. Number of inspections is more important than years.
  3. Check reviews and testimonials.
  4. Review sample home inspection reports for clarity.
    1. Professional home inspections must include a written report.
  5. Ensure they have an inspection agreement/contract.
  6. Ask to speak to former clients.
  7. Speak to family, friends and colleagues who may be able to provide a referral.
  8. Inspectors who are also engineers or architects bring an added dimension, although the fees may be higher.
  9. See this page from the Consumer Protection Ontario page on the Ontario government website:
      1. Scroll down to the section on home inspection.
  10. This HGTV article has some helpful advice:

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